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February 22, 2019  

Soul Sister - Episode 2 - Pet Peeves

The Soul Sister segments are back!!!!

Listen today as Sandra & Sylvia dive into their pet peeves in their personal lives and at the work place.

We're all about having a good time so listen in on the pet peeves that aggravate us about each other!

February 15, 2019  

Episode 20 - The Traveling Child

When I decided to expand my guest list to beyond friends this Mama was on the top of my list.  I'm so happy to finally chat with Monet and understand her passion on traveling the world with her children.  She shares how her blog and Instagram all started and what makes traveling with your children so important.

Be sure to also follow Monet on her social media accounts below.

The Traveling Child Blog 

Instagram - @thetravelingchild

Go RVing 

Kellee Edwards Instagram - @kelleesetgo

February 7, 2019  

Episode 19 - Mothering Through Routines

I had a blast recording Episode 19 with Sam. We chatted all about our morning and night routines.  Mamas you've got to check out all the laughs and giggles we share while discussing this topic.


Cool Kid Products

Sam & Sandra's Mom Hacks

  • Send baby/toddler to bed with clothes they can potentially wear to daycare or childcare the next day (please don't try this with fancy clothes or jeans)
  • Send babies/kids to daycare or childcare with food from home even though they may feed them there
  • Put on your shirt right before you leave the house
  • Keep a couple of extra shirts at work in case you have last minute kid accidents
January 25, 2019  

Episode 18 - Life Before Mommy

In episode 18, I had a great time chatting with MJ on life before becoming a wife and a mother.  We share our stories on missing the single life and reminisce on earlier days.  Tune in to hear many of our similarities.

MJ can also be found on Instagram at @whatmjlove and her personal blog www.whatmjloves.com

Don't forget to also check out MJ's podcast where she co-hosts with three other great mommies, bloggers, and IG influencers called The Mama Tea Show. Check them out for the latest TEA on Apple Podcasts and where all your podcasts are located. 

January 17, 2019  

Episode 17 - Welcome Back

Happy 2019 and Welcome Back My Friends!

Today's episode is short and sweet.  I give you a little insight of what caused my hiatus as well as what's coming to the show for 2019.

Thank you so much for supporting me and I'm looking forward to a great year together storytelling!


September 29, 2018  

Episode 16 - Kitchen Diaries

Epsiode 16 brings me such happiness because I sit down and chat with Leigh Ann Chatagnier, Author of two great cookbooks and Instagram extradinare amongst other things.  We sat down and talked about her passion around healthy cooking for her family and how her baby to toddle cookbook came about.  Check out this episode to gain some inspiration and motivation on cooking for your family.


The Unexpected Cajun Kitchen Cookbook

First Bites Cookbook 



September 19, 2018  

Episode 15 - Work From Home Stay At Home Mom

Today I catch-up with Teasa, a Creative Mompreneur, on her decision to be a full time stay at home working mom.  We discussed her motivation for wanting to spend more time with her boys and how making that decision was the best thing of her life. 

Check Teasa out at www.teasalachelle.com and on IG @teasap

September 6, 2018  

Episode 14 - What’s In A Name

Today I sit with one of my favorite bloggers and Instagram extraordinare, Meghan Joy Yancy.  Meghan and I discuss the uniquenss of her children's name and how they derrived.  

Check out Meghan's blog at - www.meghanjoyyancy.com and her instagram page @meghanjoytoday

Meghan also has a new YouTube page called Living the Yancy Life https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pSqENARQAtojVRGGPDICw where she shares her family with you.  Please check her out!

August 30, 2018  

Episode 13 - Adoption Story

My special guest for this episode is my good friend Tom.  Tom is the first male guest of the show and he's also sharing his adoption story with us.  Listen in as Tom gives us the details :)

Tom has graciously shared the contact information of his adoption Lawyer.  If you're in the San Francisco Area and looking for a lawyer please contact Family Formation Law Offices, Megan Cohen - https://www.familyformation.com

August 15, 2018  

Soul Sister - Episode 1 - How We Manage Our Homes

The Soul Sister sessions are podcasts where Sandra co-hosts with her sister, Sylvia on topics more than mom.  Stay tuned for these monthly shows as we break down our conversations on many different topics

Today's Soul Sister Session we get into How We Manage Our Homes.  Hear how we break down different home areas in our homes with our families.

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