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August 23, 2019  

Episode 29 - Tables Turned

I'm back Mamas!!!!!

I'm happy to bring you this welcome back to the scene episode with a little twist.

Today's episode is brought to you by my good friend Carolyn, who turns the tables and bring you some fun and laughter in getting to know a little about me.  

Carolyn and I have been friends for about 10-15 years so she's the perfect one to give you a glimpse of knowing me.

Tune in as I share some thoughts on who I am, motherhood, and all the funny stuff in between.

Shout out to some great mentions:

  • Check out Unlikelymartha on IG - @unlikelymartha
  • Sandra's Artist Friend Dania on IG - @penandfrink
  • Sandra's Book Publishing Agency on IG @artanddeco

Also interested in the books Sandra's book club has read thus far for 2019?

  • Fruit of the drunken tree - Ingrid Contreras
  • Little fires everywhere - Celeste Ng
  • Pachinko - Min Gin Lee
  • All the missing girls - Megan Miranda
  • Eloquent Rage - Brittney Cooper
May 28, 2019  

Episode 28 - Sugar And Money

For Episode 28, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jackie of Sugar And Money.  I swear y'all, we could have talked all day about FINANCES!!! 

Jackie shares her finance journey with us on this episode and we hear some great tips on how to get started on with our financial freedom and even setting real attainable goals. Listen as she shares her vision around Sugar And Money!

What I love about Jackie is you can truly hear the passion in her voice when it comes to eliminating debt and how she's doing it.  She even drops some gems on money and marriage and motherhood.

I hope you enjoy today's episode and please don't forget to follow Jackie:

March 29, 2019  

Episode 24 - Let’s Talk Wellness

In episode 24, I had the honor of chatting with one of my favourite influencers ever, Aliah Davis-McHenry of The Fervency. She's a wife, mom, entreprenur and sister-friend determined to help women + the community FLOURISH!  Aliah dives into Wellness +  why it's so important for us to practice taking care of ourselves + what made this her passion.  We also discuss some great things on the horizon that she's working on.

Don't forget to check out Aliah's new podcast called Live Fervently every where podcasts are offered and shop the great products on her blog site.

And mamas, listen all the way to the end for a cool product that Aliah is offering and sharing with all of us

I hope you enjoy this episode!

You can follow Aliah all the places below:

March 15, 2019  

Episode 23 - Our Vegan Life

I've been really into hearing all about the vegan life and how it's worked for families.  I'm so happy I got a chance to catch up with my friend Jamila in Episode 23 to talk about this very topic.  Jamila talks all about what prompted her family to go the vegan route and how she introduced it to her family.  Our conversation was so much fun. 

One important thing that we totally forgot to discuss during our recorded conversation were some of the benefits Jamila noticed instantly from being vegans. Those benefits for her are improved skin texture, her periods are shortened in length, and her period pains has dropped dramatically.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode and get some great tips on vegan life.

Also, please don't forget to check out on IG Daniel's Caribbean Kitchen @danielscaribbeankitchen and Jamila's page for some great food inspiration @miladee92984

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February 15, 2019  

Episode 20 - The Traveling Child

When I decided to expand my guest list to beyond friends this Mama was on the top of my list.  I'm so happy to finally chat with Monet and understand her passion on traveling the world with her children.  She shares how her blog and Instagram all started and what makes traveling with your children so important.

Be sure to also follow Monet on her social media accounts below.

The Traveling Child Blog 

Instagram - @thetravelingchild

Go RVing 

Kellee Edwards Instagram - @kelleesetgo

February 7, 2019  

Episode 19 - Mothering Through Routines

I had a blast recording Episode 19 with Sam. We chatted all about our morning and night routines.  Mamas you've got to check out all the laughs and giggles we share while discussing this topic.


Cool Kid Products

Sam & Sandra's Mom Hacks

  • Send baby/toddler to bed with clothes they can potentially wear to daycare or childcare the next day (please don't try this with fancy clothes or jeans)
  • Send babies/kids to daycare or childcare with food from home even though they may feed them there
  • Put on your shirt right before you leave the house
  • Keep a couple of extra shirts at work in case you have last minute kid accidents
June 7, 2018  

Episode 7 - Post Pardum Depression

***Today's topic may cause triggers so please listen cautiously.  If you are someone or know someone who struggles with post pardum depression or think you may, please seek help from someone***

In today's episode we catch-up with Nicole, a mommy of two beautiful boys who takes us down memory lane on when she struggled with Post Pardum Depression.  Hear her story as she described her battle and overcome her struggle.


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