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September 29, 2018  

Episode 16 - Kitchen Diaries

Epsiode 16 brings me such happiness because I sit down and chat with Leigh Ann Chatagnier, Author of two great cookbooks and Instagram extradinare amongst other things.  We sat down and talked about her passion around healthy cooking for her family and how her baby to toddle cookbook came about.  Check out this episode to gain some inspiration and motivation on cooking for your family.


The Unexpected Cajun Kitchen Cookbook

First Bites Cookbook 



September 19, 2018  

Episode 15 - Work From Home Stay At Home Mom

Today I catch-up with Teasa, a Creative Mompreneur, on her decision to be a full time stay at home working mom.  We discussed her motivation for wanting to spend more time with her boys and how making that decision was the best thing of her life. 

Check Teasa out at www.teasalachelle.com and on IG @teasap

August 3, 2018  

Ep1 - What’s For Dinner

What's For Dinner is a new segment on A Different Kind Of Mommy Podcast where Sandra and Sylvia (her sister) compete in a dinner showdown for their families.  

Check out how their dinners came out as well as see pictures of their outcome on A Different Kind Of Mommy Instagram page to leave your comments on who you think is the winner of this week's challenge. 

Remember, you can tune in monthly to hear these showdowns.

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