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August 30, 2018  

Episode 13 - Adoption Story

My special guest for this episode is my good friend Tom.  Tom is the first male guest of the show and he's also sharing his adoption story with us.  Listen in as Tom gives us the details :)

Tom has graciously shared the contact information of his adoption Lawyer.  If you're in the San Francisco Area and looking for a lawyer please contact Family Formation Law Offices, Megan Cohen - https://www.familyformation.com

August 15, 2018  

Soul Sister - Episode 1 - How We Manage Our Homes

The Soul Sister sessions are podcasts where Sandra co-hosts with her sister, Sylvia on topics more than mom.  Stay tuned for these monthly shows as we break down our conversations on many different topics

Today's Soul Sister Session we get into How We Manage Our Homes.  Hear how we break down different home areas in our homes with our families.

August 7, 2018  

Episode 12 - Back To Work

Nasaa joins me on the podcast this week to chat about what life was like for her returning to work after having her son Michael.  Check out her story as we chat about why she felt returning to work was the best decision for her and her family

August 3, 2018  

Ep1 - What’s For Dinner

What's For Dinner is a new segment on A Different Kind Of Mommy Podcast where Sandra and Sylvia (her sister) compete in a dinner showdown for their families.  

Check out how their dinners came out as well as see pictures of their outcome on A Different Kind Of Mommy Instagram page to leave your comments on who you think is the winner of this week's challenge. 

Remember, you can tune in monthly to hear these showdowns.

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