A Different Kind Of Mommy

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June 21, 2018  

Episode 9 - Special Needs Mommy

Ever wonder about another mommy's story around raising a special needs family? Listen in to today's conversation as Sandra speaks with her friend Heather to understand some tips to recognizing some early signs as well as just how perfect her family is.

June 14, 2018  

Episode 8 - Sex & Parenting

Join in on the conversation as Sandra chats with Brandi on sex and parenting. Brandi tells us how her and her husband maintain a healthy sex life with two children.

June 7, 2018  

Episode 7 - Post Pardum Depression

***Today's topic may cause triggers so please listen cautiously.  If you are someone or know someone who struggles with post pardum depression or think you may, please seek help from someone***

In today's episode we catch-up with Nicole, a mommy of two beautiful boys who takes us down memory lane on when she struggled with Post Pardum Depression.  Hear her story as she described her battle and overcome her struggle.


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